The Ride of Honor is a program sponsored by The Veteran monster truck. The Ride of Honor pays homage to veterans who were wounded in action or performed the ultimate sacrifice.

– We engrave their name on a stainless steel nameplate.

– The nameplate is mounted on The Veteran for one year.

– After one year with their name displayed on The Veteran, the nameplate is removed and mounted on a plaque. The plaque is then given to the honored veteran or the family of the fallen hero.

– The names of all Ride of Honor veterans are listed on our web site, in a permanent tribute to their service.”

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Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan
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Contest Rules: Nominees must have served in the U.S. Military under Hazardous Pay Duty.

By submitting an application, you give Wilson Extreme Sports, LLC (WES) permission to use any and all photographs, stories, and any other information submitted to us. WES may use any information you submit on our web site, in our printed materials, on The Veteran monster truck, and in any other printed and/or digital media WES may choose to use and distribute.